Shereen AbuSaeedi

Yoga Instructor

shereenShereen’s yoga journey began in 1992 when she wandered into Waldenbooks and bought Richard Hittleman’s Introduction to Yoga. She began practicing in her childhood bedroom. Five years later she took her first official yoga class in college. 20 years after that she completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training from Littleton Yoga Center. She is currently studying Dianne Bondy’s Yoga for All course. In the fall she will be earning her Yin Yoga certification. Shereen is passionate about making yoga accessible for all bodies, particularly those with abundant bodies (like her) and physical limitations. She has a body positive approach and believes you are your own best yoga teacher.

Before becoming a yoga teacher, Shereen earned her BA in Theatre Arts from Fort Lewis College and later her MA in education from the University of Denver.

Shereen is a wife, a mother, and enjoys reading, swimming, weaving, and many other creative endeavors.

P.S. If you want to see it, she still has her original Hittleman’s book, replete with highlights, dogears, and sticky notes 🙂

To schedule a yoga class with Shereen, call her at 303-809-9649.

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