Meredith Guthrie

Yoga Instructor


Meredith GuthrieMeredith has been on the path of healing for over 20 years, weaving in and out of the many layers of healing herself and supporting others on their journey through Yoga, Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, and Massage. She believes that each person has an inner wisdom that knows exactly what they need to heal themselves and believes “Listening deeply to yourself and practicing self-love has the power to create peace on a global level.” Meredith holds her students/clients in a safe and non-judgmental space “where they can relax out of the mind, deepen into the body, trusting in the present moment.”  Her goal is to empower her students to listen to their inner wisdom, love themselves wholly, and encourage them to take the peace and purpose they find in themselves out into to the world. Meredith spends her free time with her daughters and partner and loves nature, being outdoors, gardening, cooking and healthy living.  To schedule a yoga class with Meredith, give her a call at 404-323-0125.

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