Barbara Tyndall McCubbin

Founder, Counselor and Self Defense Instructor


Aspire’s Founder, Barbara Tyndall McCubbin, is a Licensed Professional Counselor practicing since 2002 and has been involved in training teaching and promoting the martial arts since 1980. Her vision for Aspire Enrichment Center is to provide the consumer life balance with mental, emotional and physical self-care pieces of counseling/life coaching, meditation, yoga, massage, Reiki and Cranialsacral treatments, female self-defense/awareness and martial arts. A Regis University Psychology graduate, her counseling skills have positively impacted children and adults with various mental health issues, as well as communication counseling with couples. Also knows as “Sensei” (meaning “teacher”) McCubbin, she has been involved in training, teaching and promoting the martial arts since 1980.  Your instructor, Barbara Tyndall McCubbin, has been involved in training, teaching and promoting the martial arts since 1980.  With over 25 years in the arts, she has been a positive female role model throughout the United States, having also competed nationally and internationally.  Sensei McCubbin is a Jiu Jitsu fourth-degree black belt (“Yondan”) and a Karate-do third-degree black belt (“Sandan”), with additional ranking in weapons (Kobudo).  Originally from North Carolina, Sensei McCubbin ran schools in North Carolina, Virginia, and Vermont, relocating to Denver in 1995 to train and teach at the Hakkosen Dojo in Aurora.  Sensei McCubbin acquired her Masters in Psychology at Regis University in 2002 and established a counseling private practice at that time.  At this juncture she is excited to be able to provide clients with counseling and coaching emotional support and empower consumers with self-confidence, self-awareness and self-defense at Aspire Enrichment Center.  Sensei and her husband enjoy motorcycling, travel, gardening and family get-togethers.

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